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Chess Practices, should you make the squad, will be held as set out below:

VENUE:                Ms Tamsen’s class  - G29


MONDAYS:         14:15-15:00  Mrs.Jawahar (Gr3-7)

TUESDAYS:          13:45-14:30 Miss Morrin (Gr1-2)
 Mr Bailie (Gr3-7)

WEDNESDAYS: 13:45-14:30 Miss Mc Allister (Gr1-2)

THURSDAYS:      14:15-15:00 Miss Park (Gr3-7)

MATCHES are played on a Friday according to schedule which will be published in due course. Our Home games are normally played in Media Centre.

A learner who wants to participate at National or Provincial level must now belong to a Club. We are affiliated with the Alberton Chess Club and East Gauteng Junior Chess (Provincial). The Alberton Chess Club meet every second Friday evening at the Mugg & Bean in the Newmarket Mall from 18h00 to 19h30. For more details please contact Mr Bailie –


Tryouts for the Brackenhurst Chess Squad will be held as set out below:
VENUE:                Ms Tamsen’s class  - G29


Grade 1 and 2 – Junior Team on 30th of January 2018 from 13h45 to 14h15
Grade 3 and 4 – Intermediate Team on 30th of January 2018 from 14h15 to 15h00
Grade 5 to 7 – Senior Team on 31st of January 2018 from 14h15 to 15h00
There are limited spaces in the squad and we will favour those players who can play the game
25 players (Grade 3 to 7) and 10 players (Grades 1 &2)
If you are interested in learning to play chess or want to participate on a more social level, please contact Mr Bailie who offers coaching through the Alberton Chess Club –


There will be a number of Tournaments during the year.

The first we are aware of is on Saturday the 19th of May 2018 at Dinwiddie Primary. It will be a doubles tournament. 

Martin Primary normally host a tournament in March and Colin Mann Primary have a team tournament in June.

Chess League:

League matches are played on a Friday afternoon (14h30ish to 15h30ish) and we play 2 games (one as white and one as black). Each game will be at least 20/20.

You play against each school twice, once home and once away.

3 teams are required:

Seniors (Grade 5 to 7) – 7 players (plus reserves if you can)
Intermediates (Grades 3 and 4) – 5 players (plus reserves if you can)
Juniors (Grade 1 and 2) – 4 players (plus reserves if you can)

The Premier Division will be:
School of Achievement / Prestasie Skool
LS Orion (possibly) AND/OR
LS Randhart (possibly)

The league will run from 20 April to 1 June and then 27 July to 17 August (5 schools home and away) OR 31 August (6 schools home and away)

We will also be organizing a number of friendly matches which will be played on Friday.

For any further details kindly contact our Head Coach and the Chess Organiser Mr Bailie –