Please keep on donating blankets for the Matthew
Downs blanket drive. 

Mini Councillors

Please can you bring all knitted blanket squares (30cm by 30cm) to

Mrs Simeonides in C40.

Have a look at this week's Alberton Record front page for our BPS community article.
Check the Dojo school story regularly for community news and opportunities.

Term 2 collection:
Coin Collection Term 2
This term, we are collecting for TLC orphanage.
Please send spare change and if possible, try to send a total of R10 during the term.

Thank you! It all adds up!

Juniors to please send to Miss Tambellini and
seniors to Miss Palm. Grade 6P, 4P and Gr 7s may
help Miss Palm to separate coins on Mondays after
school for half an hour. Thank you to all learners
and teachers and Aunty Sheena for counting all the

Hidden Treasures
Thank you for the HUGE amount donated to the
shop. Thanks to all of our Gr 6+7 volunteers who
worked during their holiday. Please see all the
names on the school Dojo story. Please send all +
any second-hand donations to Mr Mostert e.g. Toys,
clothes, appliances, books, gadgets, bedding,
cutlery, crockery, CDs, DVDs, etc. All the proceeds
go towards feeding orphans.

Bread tags and bottle tops for wheelchairs
Thank you for this year’s donations! We have done
well and are working towards our next wheelchair
for a needy recipient. Please send to Mr Mostert.

Please assist us with collecting newspapers,
blankets, pet food (wet or dry), soft leads and
collars (no chains please), pet toys, food and
water bowls. These items are to go to Mrs.
Robinson (G31). These donations will then
be dropped off at the Alberton SPCA.
Your contributions will go a long way and is so

Care pack civvies

​This year, civvies will be held on 8 March and
2 August. Please bring toiletry item required for
your child's grade.
Gr 1 - Soap
Gr 2 - Bath sponges/cloths
Gr 3 - Toothpaste
Gr 4 - Toothbrushes
Gr 5 - Face cloths
Gr 6 - Girls' deodorant
Gr 7 - Boys' deodorant
LSEN - Any item above